Signature Custom Facial
60 Min

Our signature facial is the best way to achieve and maintain and clear and glowing complexion for any skin type. This facial includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, facial massage and finished off with a mask for your skin type.

Clear Skin Facial
75 Min

Our acne facial is suited for problematic/ acne prone skin. We will start with a deep glycolic cleanse with steam and then follow with an enzyme peel. Massage with incrustation fluid will follow to loosen up the pores and push out the extractions comfortably. Blue LED therapy will follow and a deep pore mask to cleanse and clean out the skin.

Dermaplane Express
40 Min

This facial includes a cleanse, Dermaplane to remove up to 28 days of dead skin, and “peach fuzz” and followed by a cooling and hydrating mask.

Facial Add On
LED Light Therapy
15 Min

Produces collagen, reduces inflammation and redness, kills bacteria, stimulates cellular activity, and treats sun-damaged skin.

Gentleman's Facial
60 Min

The facial is to benefit the mans everyday skin concerns. Gentle extraction techniques will ensure we get out every ingrown/extraction while treating the adverse effects of pollution and everyday lifestyle. This will result in not only relaxation but cleansed toned and healthy skin.

Teen Facial
45 Min

Suited for boys and girls under the age of 15 who want to clean out their pores and get into a great skin routine. Expect a deep cleanse, exfoliation, light extractions, and a mask suited to the client’s skin type

IS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial
60 Min

Known as the “Hollywood facial” this treatment is amazing for brides to be, clients in need of a resurfacing facial or clients who simply need to detox and clean out their pores. This facial begins with a deep cleanse, then followed by a glycolic resurfacing peel. After you will receive a relaxing massage with cold globes, extractions, red and blue LED light and followed by an icy mask.

(add dermaplaning to this facial $25)

Facial Add On
Chemical Peels

Glycolic, TCA, and Lactic Acid peels are offered. Chemical Peels remove dead skin cells and help decongest the skin. Chemical peels leave you with glowing, healthy, and hydrated skin. During the “peeling process” the dead skin cells shed or flake off eventually leaving fresh, new skin underneath. Slight sensitivity can occur 3-5 days post peel. Chemical Peels treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring, and skin discoloration.

Mature Skin Facial
70 Min

This facial will start with a hydrating cleanse, followed by ultrasonic waves to lift the skin. Steam, light extraction (if needed), facial massage with ‘gua sha’ will be used. Next, a serum or ampule will be applied while you sit under red LED light therapy. A treatment mask will follow while the to enhance the skins natural glow

Back Facial (Treatment)
50 Min

Do you suffer from ‘bacne’? This facial is designed for men and women who are experiencing acne on the back. Expect a cleanse, enzyme exfoliation followed by extractions a relaxing back massage, and then a deep pore body treatment mask to tone and clarify the skin.

Facial Add On
20 Min

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment to remove up to 28 days of dead skin and debris as well as unwanted “peach fuzz” Dermaplaning also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores, and acne scarring over time. Dermaplaning is a deep exfoliation and in return, your products will penetrate deeper into the skin making them more effective. Makeup application will also be flawless post dermaplaning.

Facial Add On
Hydrogelly Masks
10 Min

Provides multiple benefits to your skin such as extra hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning, and toning skin, and reducing inflammation. Hydrogelly masks help to promote healthy skin and keep your pores from getting clogged.


Brow Wax
Brow Wax & Tint
Lip Wax


YUMI Lash Lift & Tint
60 Min

YUMILashes Keratin Lash Enhancement is a European advanced technique designed to boost and lift your natural eyelashes without the need for fake eyelashes. This treatment is non-invasive and painless. Results last up to 12 weeks.

Brow Lamination

Brow Laminatiom
45 Min


The treatment that solved the messy brow issue by creating shape, volume, and fullness whilst giving a sleek well-kept brow shape for up to 2 months

Brow Lamination will help give a uniform, full eyebrow shape. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry and where the hairs follow a different pattern. With lamination, we can realign the brows in a way to which gives your client the desired shape you want and a fuller look.


In- Studio Makeover

60 Min
Includes standard eyelash strip

Add individual lashes or mink eyelashes $10.


Makeup on Location $TBD (text or email)


Bridal on-location makeup services $TBD (text or email)